So I signed up for another MTB avalanche race..


I thought I’d spice up my trip to Peru with a little mountain bike race.. Having already raced the Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez back in 2011 I found this and thought, well why not?!

I’ve just booked two weeks off work in early May to coincide with the race, which thankfully turns out to be a less popular month for the thousands of tourists that head to the Inca trail and Macchu Pichu, and now I’m planning on staying around Cuzco for around a week, maybe biking around Lake Titicaca and then heading to the Nazca lines, working my way back round to fly home from Lima.

There’s much more planning to be done now… not only trying to figure out if it’s actually going to be more of a pain in the ass to take my own bike (& bike box), pack it in a cardboard box from a bike shop to ditch while I’m over there or just rent one – I’m still thinking taking my trusty enduro on the adventure would be be the best bet – I am quite attached to it after all.. or do I risk it for a biscuit and maybe end up with some cruddy set of wheels that I’m not going to be happy riding.. I think I’m still in the BYOB camp!

Distances and travel between each of the places I want to visit are a) huge and b) potentially going to be more costly that I thought.. plus I’ve now got to add in factors like having to find a new place to live & the tax man taking two huge chunks out of my ass just before xmas.. how the hell am I going to pay for all this?!?

I’m seriously considering not buying a ski pass this winter.. I need to get fit anyway so could I get a gym membership and a pair of snow shoes and just avoid piste bashing for a whole winter? I’m not really that bothered about boarding the same old places again anyway, so maybe that + maybe flat sharing for the first time in ages are both blessings in disguise?? How bad could it be just trying a few new things for a change? I did say all of last winter that I was going to explore more and visit some places I’d not been before.. so maybe now’s the time…

Decisions decisions………..

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