Day 4 – the best day yet

After feeling rough in the afternoon the day before with altitude sickness,  yesterday was a vast improvement. We went up the race track again for a recce of the lines from the start of the track which we didn’t do on the first day.

Ali (the race director), Will and Maggie joined us. Maggie was on a hard tail fat bike and wore hot interesting look!

We did two runs down today and it just got better and better. After Monday’s effort I thought I’d be struggling on a few sections but Ali showed me a dry line avoiding a lot of the bogs which I think I’ll do on qualifiers and race day. My marker for the drop into the line is sadly a dead dog..

We built a few rock markers for other lines further down the track but by the second run someone had taken them down. So now I have to remember to turn left just after the potato farm and look out for the orange coloured rock!

Lots more bikes have arrived in town now so there were quite a few more people on the track than on Monday. It’s gonna be hard getting past people, or getting snarled up with lots of people trying to pass on the really skinny sections of single track, but there are a few places where we hit the road so maybe I can overtake some people on there?

The most fun part of the day was all the local kids that came to meet us and wash our bikes at the end of the day.  For a very small fee, there were about 10 boys with brushes and toothbrushes fervently cleaning everyone’s rides. Plus they all wanted to have a ride and try on our helmets.


The double jump at the end of the track is still being built, but that didn’t stop Ali sending it a few times, once with me and about 5 kids lying in the gap in the middle!


Tomorrow were going to drive for two hours and do two different trails which will be nice. Three times down the race track is enough for now!

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