The injury tally so far…

I’ve got lots of obligatory pedal scratches on my shins already as well as countless large black bullseye bruises on my legs above my pads, which I seem to be adding to day by day 😥

Yesterday something nasty bit me on my right elbow which is now red and swollen. On top of that today in scratched the itch so that took off the layer of factor 55 I’d put on, so now it’s sunburnt too…

I also totally forgot to put sunscreen on my legs yesterday so now it looks like I’ve got a short pair of red leg warmers on each leg from mid shin to ankle. A new look for summer 2016??

This afternoon I fumbled getting my bike upside down after riding down today’s trail at Lamay and ended up burning my left forearm on the rotor. It’s already blistered and hurts like hell.  I’m gonna have to try and find a large sticky patch from the pharmacy to get me through qualifiers tomorrow and race day Sunday.


Ouch. Forgetting about it and jumping in the shower wasn’t pleasant either… I now having a matching pair of rotor reverse tattoos, the other one is on my left calf. Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly otherwise I’m going to look like my legs are totally black and blue!

Race day injury.. a massive crash which has ended up in a bruise the size of my head on my left thigh 😥 very sore. Walked around Machu Pichu today limping like around old lady!

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