Nazaré – Portugal’s big wave hotspot

Me, my sister and her wife visited this monster wave surf spot on the west coast of Portugal, on 20th January 2020.

They had come over to visit me for my birthday, my first and only visitors this year, since lockdown started just over a month later..

There’s an underwater canyon just off the coast here that can create monster waves up to ~29m in height (90+ feet).

The underwater canyon offshore

When we visited it was really calm, so the waves were teeny tiny. Still, the views were pretty sweet and the weather was good. It was so good to hear the sounds of the sea 🙂

The lighthouse is where you’ll get the best views, and where you’ll want to watch any competitions from since the big waves break right out from from here.

There’s a small museum there which only cost €1 entry and houses lots of surfboards from famous athletes, some art installations and explanations of why the canyon creates such huge surf (all in Portuguese but the images and photos are self explanatory).

The town is quite small with a few tourist shops and restaurants. There’s also a funicular down to another area that runs along the coast.

Parking was really easy to find on the day we went, as there wasn’t a competition on, but I can imagine it’s near impossible to get parked when there’s an event running.

The tourist office website has links for you to follow for big wave alerts, news about events and how to get there. I’ll have to go back another time to see some real big waves…

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