Isa and Bela update

OK so I am writing this post for two reasons, one to make up for the gross bug post and two, to share with the wonderful team at Gatos Urbanos, the rescue centre that the girls came from.

Actually three reasons, because they’re super cute, mischievous little buggers and I thought you might enjoy looking at some photos of them 🙂

The Gatos Urbanos post that got me hooked…

If you don’t know already Isa & Bela are two kittens that I rescued after my old cat Treacle died earlier this year. A colleague of mine in the US put me in touch with a friend of hers down in Setubal (near Lisbon) who works at a rescue centre. Since that’s around a 3 hours drive away she recommended that I might want to look at some rescue centres nearer where I live in the centre of Portugal, and so that led me to Gatos Urbanos (Urban Cats).

They operate a capture, sterilise and release system for stray cats and also look to rehome some of them. You can read more about their work and cats they currently have for adoption, just turn on auto-translate 🙂

My two were living in a warehouse somewhere near Condeixa which was due to close, so they needed a new place to live. They were around 4 months old and they are sisters, so really needed to be re-homed together. The rescue centre organized for them to be spayed and micro-chipped before coming over, which was great, and also not that expensive so I made sure to top up the payment with a donation.

Anyway enough chat, here are some photos of their escapades so far, since coming to live with me in June…

If you want to donate to Gatos Urbanos, you can do that easily via PayPal with their email address Alternatively you can become an associate or set up regular monthly or yearly donations, which would really help their ongoing work.

Isa’s favourite pillow.. she’s always close by
Bela loves the inflatable pool, although it did get punctured…

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