MTB to Linhares

I’ve been out exploring the hillsides and valleys around where I live, so I thought it was about time I started sharing some biking pictures 🙂

There are lots of little tumble-down houses round here

Most of the local routes I’ve been doing are a mix of dirt tracks and tarmac since there aren’t any singletrack trails or anything made specifically for biking round here.

There are plenty of hills to get your legs burning, and if you want a good long descent you’ve got to earn it (or you can apparently pay the wood delivery guy to take you up on the back of his truck…which I keep meaning to ask about)…

Gorge and river walk

Today’s ride was about 20km down the hill then along a river with great views and steady climb all the way to a chapel at the end.

The chapel bell started chiming.. my ears hurt it was so loud!

I had to guess the length of the overall ride, even though I was using Map my ride. The GPS round here is really patchy, so you often get home with a big straight line on the map where you know you definitely weren’t flying…

The curse of the straight line = lost GPS signal
Another part of the gorge along today’s route

The good thing about where I live is that it’s pretty secluded up on the hillside. The downside is, that you have to pedal uphill a fair bit to get home.. my calves were on fire today, but it felt great to get out 🙂

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