MTB around the backyard

There’s a big network of dirt roads that start a few metres up the road from my house, which are ripe for exploring.

I’ve been nailing a few kilometres per week on the indoor bike, so now that my finger has healed (kitchen sink knife wound) I thought it was time to get back out on my trusty steed.

I did just over 8km but most of it was uphill, as I wanted to get up and soak in the views from the top of the hill above where I live.

Although my legs are strong from doing mornings of ~18km indoors before work, my god my lungs are not! I quit smoking (again) around Christmas and I thought that since I was feeling strong, I’d be able to blast up the hill with barely any problems.. oh I was wrong!

Views for miles…

I had to stop more times than I wanted on the way up to clear my throat and try to get proper lung fulls of air.. so it seems that’s gonna take some time to get back to normal.

It took an hour and a bit to get to the top, and around 10 minutes to get back down to the house again. Going fast downhill feels so good!!! Oh how I’ve missed it 🙂

Happy bunny

Thankfully the weather was good, it hit around 18 degrees C and the sun was out.. so I raced back home, gave the bike a good clean and spruce up in the sunshine and enjoyed a cuppa in the deckchair.

Happy days 🙂

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