Welcome to the Family Ryan!

Saturday just gone turned out to be an eventful day which ended up with me coming home with a new addition to the family. A little gosling, who I’ve called Ryan 🙂

My friends Ellie & Guy needed him to find a new home since his mom had abandoned him as an egg, he was hatched by a duck and then booted out. Poor love.

May 3rd 2022

He’s 1 week old today, and doing great. We’ve been taking morning walks on the driveway so he can nibble at weeds and stretch his legs.

He’s a grey goose and should grow to about 3 foot tall, make an excellent guard-goose and should grow his full feathers at around 11 weeks.

For now he has to stay warm and dry inside, but once he’s got his feathers he can start to go outside and enjoy a splash around in a pool (likely to be an old litter tray I had for the cats).

Check out this video of him this morning falling asleep on my lap ❤ 🙂

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